5 Reasons you shouldn't miss ESWcon19

ESWcon19 is fast approaching! In April we will be headed to the University of Texas, El Paso in El Paso, Texas. There are dozens of reasons that you should attend but we've managed to narrow it down for you:

1. Learn new skills

Every year, we bring together experts from around the country in sustainability, engineering project management, leadership, and design to speak at the conference. In addition to the traditional lecture, we will have interactive workshops and thoughtful discussion to explore the fundamentals of sustainability. Come learn with us!

2. Explore different campuses

Since the inception of the annual conference, we have visited over a dozen different cities throughout the United States. Our attendees have been able to explore different campuses, labs, cities and more throughout the ESWcon weekend. El Paso, Texas has much to offer both on campus and off. Come explore with us! 

3. Compete in challenges

Since the 2013 conference, there have been design challenges at the conference in various capacities. Building competitions, creating environmental policy, designing lunch trays and Olympic villages, the annual design challenge has become one of the favorite traditions at the conference. Meet and work with students and professionals from other parts of the country, take skills back to your school and even win the challenge! 

4. Showcase your projects

Working on a solar smoothie cart? What about an aquaponics system? Community garden or working with a beekeepers association? The conference is the perfect place to talk about what you're doing! Present a poster, an oral presentation or bring part of your experiment for a demonstration.

5. Win chapter awards

The conference is where we get to highlight the amazing accomplishments of the ESW network. This includes chapter and member awards! Bring eternal glory to your chapter and your campus. Win the design challenges, become an Outstanding Member or Outstanding Chapter and consider hosting the next conference. 

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