15th ESW Annual Conference - 

Poster Session

The poster session at ESWcon is a time for all chapters to connect with eachother, learn about projects and create new ideas for the future. As such an integral part of the conference, ESWcon21 will plan to highlight these posters for the entirety of the conference. Posters will be hung up for open viewing throughout the conference but will be highlighted during the planned poster session. If interested in presenting please fill out the link below.  


Notes on the Poster Session


  • Poster printing will be organized through the host chapter (University at Buffalo)

  • There will be supplies to hang up and display posters provided by the host chapter

  • A limited number of posters per chapter allowed to present

  • Prizes will be awarded for novel poster topics and designs

Poster session attendees: 

  • Note that further information about the poster's project team will be provided during the time 

  • A map of where to locate each poster will be provided during the time of the conference

  • Enjoy this unique time to connect and learn from some of the most innovative projects across the nation!







Countries Served



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