Introducing ESWcon21: The Digital Edition

We hope to see you in April!

What does a digital structure mean?

Everything will be digital! This includes breakout sessions, keynotes, challenges, socials, and more! A digital structure also means a more widespread event that won't break the bank. 

How much will tickets cost?

Student member tickets will only be $40. More details to come on additional ticket pricing! 

Will the conference be the same length?

Yes! We are adjusting our schedule now and are hoping to announce soon. However, you can expect the same several-day conference structure.

How will I access digital content?

We will use an interactive platform, our ESWcon website, and exclusive live-streaming services. 

Will the same type of content be available?

For this event you will enjoy an Earth Hacks competition, speakers, design reviews, poster sessions, a career fair and more! 

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