11th ESW Annual Conference
Entrepreneurship vs. Public Policy

The 2016 ESW Annual Conference was hosted at UC Berkeley, and was based around the theme of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy. The conference focused on new policies, both regionally and nationally, and new enterprises, from clean tech to social business. Because the Bay Area highlights the possibilities of both, sessions were focused on the engagement between the two and their interaction and importance in the engineering world.


Imperfect Produce






UC Berkeley Blum Center 

UC Berkeley Equity Center 

UC Berkeley Lead Center

Erin Rose Briggs 

Nichole Heil 

Alexander Dale 


Build Change 


Cyclotron Road 

Polarize Smart Consulting 

Climate Feedback


Beth Ratner


Martin Schnitzer 

Bill Shireman 

Whendee Silver

Chris Jones 

Dr. Horvath​

Dr. Nazaroff

Steve Weissman

Dan Kamnen 

Christopher Jones

Point Energy Innovations 




NRG Station A 

Conference Content

Networking 101 

Human Centered Design 

Analysis & Future of Transportation 

Consulting for Energy Efficient Systems 

Mapping Greenhouse Emissions 

WPSI Summit 

Autodesk Networking 

Pollution: It's closer than you think 

Project Leadership 101 

CommUnity Final Presentations 

Solar: Policy & Innovation 

Entrepreneurship Panel 

The Future of Green Energy 

Driving Change Through Design

Autodesk Fusion 360 Workshop 

Chapter Leadership Summit 

Working at IBM: Cognitive Solutions

Career Paths to Sustainability 

Diversity Training 

Chapter Project Showcase


Conference Highlights

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