Hotel Indigo

2 Queen Beds - $102/night 

1 King Bed -  $102/night

30 minute walk, 10 minute train, 5 minute drive

To book a room, click the box below

Hilton Garden Inn

2 Queen Beds - $129/night 

1 King Bed -  $129/night

5 minute walk

To book a room, click the box and use the code EFSW


Don't want a hotel room? Rent an AirBnB! The majority of personal rentals are very inexpensive.

El Paso Hotels

There are many other hotels in El Paso to suit your needs! Check out this link for more options.


Fly into the El Paso International Airport 

If you're traveling with a group, book your flights as soon as possible! We recommend flying out on Thursday for conference activities and exploration of the area and flying back on Sunday. 

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