14th ESW Annual Conference

Borderless Sustainability 

April 4th - 7th, 2019 | El Paso, TX  


The 14th ESW Annual Conference took place at the University of Texas at El Paso from April 4 - April 7. We had over 250 students, professionals, and industry leaders in El Paso to explore how we can expand our work to truly build a better world. How does sustainability and design change across cultures? Are there universal aspects to design? How do we build cultural competency in engineers? How do we take civic engineering to international heights? Checkout highlights of speakers, sessions and the entire weekend below. 



Octaviana Trujillo

Professor of Applied Indigenous Studies, Northern Arizona University 

Keynote Speaker

Anthony Guerrero

Director of Facilities and Sustainability, NRDC

Keynote Speaker

Michelle Rucker 

The Mars Integration Group, NASA 

Keynote Speaker

Andy Farias

Andy Farias 

Lead of Vision, The Giving Project 

Mobilizing Hope & Restoring Futures


Austin Izzo

Student, University at Buffalo 

University at Buffalo ICECAP: A case study of how to create a climate action plan

DSC_0078- cropped.jpg

Lauren Baldwin 

Director of Sustainability, Creosote Collaborative 

Building Resilience on the Border


Sustaining our Desert Beauty with Strategic Intent

Water Matters: Rainwater Harvesting in Colonia Las Pampas

Sustainable Water Treatment: Finding Ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Water Resources 

Building Resilience on the Border 

Sustainable Infrastructure and Development 

Mobilizing Hope and Restoring Futures

Interdisciplinary Sustainability Discussion Panel

A Tale of Two Cities: Point-of-Use Drinking Water Treatment 

Challenges and Opportunities of Sustaining Agriculture in Drylands: An Environmental Perspective

Engineering a Circular City: El Paso, TX

Building Better Designers and Societies through the Practice of Diary Writing

International Service Projects

Whither Environmental Cooperation in North America

Sustainability: A Multidisciplinary Approach


Integrating Ecosystem Restoration into Water Management in the Pasa del Norte Region: Rio Bosque Wetlands Park

The Geopolitics of Energy

Regulation's Rickety Bridge: Lessons from El Paso ASARCO 

University at Buffalo ICECAP



Outstanding Chapters

Outstanding Members

University at Buffalo 
University of Akron 
University of Texas, El Paso
Bri Goold (RIT)
Keira Higgins (RIT)
Austin Izzo (University at Buffalo) 
Ariana Forsythe (UT Austin) 
Kiyomi Takemoto (UC Irvine)

Congratulations to out first ever People's Choice Award recipients! 

Fog Scrubbing 
Cal Poly SLO
Mathis Weyrich and Maya Wharton

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