13th ESW Annual Conference

Building Blocks    

ESW hosted our 14th ESW Annual Conference at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. We brought together 220 students and professionals from a broad range of backgrounds: from mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering... to physicists, computer scientists, and biologists. Centering on a them of "Building Blocks", the 14th Annual Conference focused on the fundamentals of sustainability: transportation, agriculture, and energy. 

Speakers & Sessions

Jimmy Chahine 

Technical Asset Engineer, Covestro

Driving Sustainability Through Innovation

Rex R. Hamre

Sustainability Director, JLL - Southeast

Sustainable Jobs Career Panel 

Stephanie Stuckey

Chief Resilience Officer, City of Atlanta

Keynote Speaker

Ben R. Jordan

Senior Director of Environmental Policy, Coca-Cola​

Keynote Speaker

Ashlie James

Executive Director, Atlanta GLOW

The Mentoring Effect: Promoting Sustainable Career Outcomes through Professional Mentoring Relationships

Mandy Mahoney
President, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

Breakout Session: Sustainable Jobs Career Panel 

Additional Sessions

NPDES Overview: Cleaning the Elephant​

Corporate Social Responsibility

Envisioning Food Security Utopias

CN Hydrology and the NRCS Engineering Handbook

Engineered Nanomaterials in Consumer Products

Resilient CommUnity Design Challenge Showcase 

Bioelectrochemical Systems for Energy Recovery from Anaerobic Digestion​


Gaining Corporate Sponsrship for your Chapter

ENERGY STAR & The Built Environment 

Chapter Leadership Summit

Light Weighting and Shape Optimization using Fusion 360

Phytoremediation: Sustainable Waste Cleanup and Control

Sustainable Jobs Career Panel​

Energy in the Open Source Circular Economy (OSCE)

Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture and Water

Driving Sustainability Through Innovation 


The Design Challenge


Over 200 attendees competed in ESW's in-person design challenge at the 14th Annual Conference. We hosted a mock United Nations session where competitors had to face off in a debate to propose holistic, global-benefiting solutions to their own national environmental challenges. The policies were developed to tackle some of the world’s biggest sustainability problems.

Each team was assigned a random country and given an objective and a set of resources available to them. Attendees had to think fast -- there was one hour to develop the best solution.​Teams were encouraged to develop "diplomatic relations" with other teams, which quickly led to factions. 

Top Solutions


Waste Production in Brazil

SolutionCollect waste from the rivers before it gets into the ocean and provide monetary rewards for individual yields of trash. empower people b by paying per weight to deliver trash

Food Insecurity in South Africa

Solution: Enact a law that fines commercial farmers that produce large amounts of food waste, in excess of two tons per week that are sent to a landfill and reallocate fuel use for heating and electricity to use for vehicles until further research is done. 

Water contamination in Indonesia

Solution: Implementing rainwater collection systems to imrpove household access to water. The water collected won’t be in contact roads and sewage, avoiding potential contaminants.



Grand Prize Winner

Resilient CommUnity

Design Challenge

Students Stephanie Koenig, Emi Webb, Adele Therias, Halina Rachelson and Leah Karlberg were awarded ESW's grand prize for their design of the "NeighbourHub."

NiehgborHub empower community members to prepare for a major earthquake with their neighbors. The design features solar-powered LEDs for nighttime visibility, filtered water stations from collected rooftop rainfall, and bike generated power for users to charge their cell phones. Local artists will be invited to codesign the Neighbour Hub to reflect the ideas and cultural diversity of the community.

Outstanding Chapters

Outstanding Members

Cornell University 
Harvey Mudd College 
Rochester Institute of Technology
Stevens Institute of Technology 
University of California - San Diego 
University of Texas, El Paso 
Raul Correa, UC San Dieo
Sarah East, Univeristy of Guelph 
Gabriel Kramer, Rocherster Institute of Technology
Kelly McGartland, Cal Poly 
Savanna Smith, UT Austin
Andrew Yager, Stevens Institute of Technology
Kaitlyn Zak, Stevens Institute of Technology

Conference Highlights

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