12th ESW Annual Conference


The 2017 ESW Annual Conference was hosted at UT Austin, and was centered on the theme of "Accelerate". Over 250 people gathered in Austin, Texas, to explore how we can best "accelerate" our work to build a more sustainable world through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Speakers & Sessions

Conference Content

Dana Callender
Dana Callender

Chief Operating Officer DivInc

Erika Guerra
Erika Guerra

Development LehighHanson Inc.

Jennifer Walsh
Jennifer Walsh

Head of Communications Covestro

Mike Alcazeran
Mike Alcazeran

Program Manager Autodesk

Katharine Beisner
Katharine Beisner

Software Product Manager Solar Power Expert

Brittany Bennett
Brittany Bennett

Executive Director Engineers for a Sustainable World

Alex Bevan
Alex Bevan

Materials Scientist Urban Mining Company

Christian Blackwell
Christian Blackwell

Managing Partner Opus Faveo

Charlotte Caples
Charlotte Caples

Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant Charlotte Caples Consulting LLC

Diversity, Competency...Wait! What? Institutional Racism! 

Solar Power 

Collaborating Across Engineering 

Your Own Sustainable Lifestyle Action Plan 

The Beauty of Renewable Energy 

Sustainable Design 

ESW-UT President's Panel: Approaches for Effective Leadership

Turning the Titanic: Creating Change on Campus 

Build an Effective Team 

Effective Communication for Sustainable Engineering 

Accelerating Projects 

How to Make an Impact: Leading Real World Change from your Desk 

Energy Storage: A Glimpse into the Industry 

Create the Future. Drive the Change. Lead the Way! 

Sustainability Buildstorm 

How to Realize your Startup is Failing and Instigate its Recovery 

Media, Arts and Graphics: HQ Branding 

Chapter Leadership Summit 

Influencing Project Sustainability through Change Management 

Passive Design and Energy Efficiency 

Chapter Project Showcase

Design Challenge

Sustainable Olympic Village

Teams were tasked with designing a preliminary vision for their city’s Olympic Village. Their solutions were designed to house thousands of athletes, officials, and trainers that would hypothetically pour into the area during the Games. The designed also secured facilities that would protect and serve the athletes, as well as connect them with the surrounding culture. Proposals addressed: energy, water, waste, transportation, air quality, materials, and cost.

Vienna, Austria

The winning solution

Energy & water: Low head hydroelectric power (69% of Vienna’s power is already hydroelectric) and locally-sourced food

Waste: Anaerobic digester

Air Quality​: Build vertical green roofs & green space between buildings

Materials: Locally-sourced manufactured goods​

Innovative Food Packaging.

The second challenge tasked teams with redesigning the food delivery process from chef to athlete for the Olympics. Solutions focused on minimizing waste, reducing carbon footprint, and maximizign water conservation. The redesign required teams to utilize a physical product using Autodesk Fusion 360, generously provided by our sponsor, Autodesk.

Order Food on the Go 

The winning solution:

An app that Provides athletes with all food facility information, creates personalized meal plans, and provides nutrition and sourcing information. Th design also included facilities that had multiple dining halls with kitchens below. Food was to be prepared then delivered via conveyor belts up to dining level. Screens would display which order numbers are coming up the belt next and food would be in compostable to go containers with compostable utensils​.

Conference Highlights

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